Austin Queen is an international photographer highly desired for his emotive visual style. His process of capturing life through the "power of stillness" brings forth consistently jaw-dropping images.


Austin has been lucky enough to capture some of the most talented artists of our generation. After spending the last 8 years in California and abroad, Austin has relocated to his hometown of Tampa, FL bringing his visceral style back to the state of Florida.

"I believe all things in life are truly beautiful, it only matters how you look at it. Just keep looking until you find the way in which you appreciate the beauty. That's all I try to do with my camera. Sometimes it happens on the 5th shot sometimes on the 50th shot but eventually we always find the beauty underneath."


"When I start a photoshoot, I first focus on the "container". The scene, the feeling and the intention of why we are even there. Once you drop into those questions you typically find what makes a photoshoot magical, the emotion."


- Austin Queen

What Clients Are Saying

Such a pleasure to work with.  Amazing creative eye, relaxed but focused attitude, and super fun.  Austin does a brilliant job of capturing the essence of those he works with. 

A true gem of a human

Makete Roesch