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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should we hire you?

That is a good question and probably one of the best questions a potential client can ask. I am a highly versatile photographer capable of capturing beauty in almost any environment. That being said, each client's needs are unique to them and I may not be a fit for everyone nor do I hope to. What I can guarantee is my ability to make people feel safe and comfortable to drop into their true essence. I want you to look at your pictures years later and say "Wow! I really felt beautiful that day." This is my goal and in the hundreds of photoshoots I've done, I have never failed to achieve that goal. 

Capturing your moments should be fun for everyone involved and an experience all can look back on with a smile. This is what I provide at Austin Queen Media and why so many clients continue to work with me year after year. I hope you do to.  :)

2. What are your rates?

Thanks for inquiring! More details about our rates can be found on the "Book a Session" page of our website. Note that prices vary per shoot and a dependent on location, subject, and the individual requirements of each shoot. To give a ballpark, an individual photoshoot may start at $600 per day base while a standard wedding package will begin at $1500 per day excluding travel.